31 Booth Street: The only property in Manchester using Floored 3D visualisation technology

Imagining your finished office space in stunning 31 Booth Street has never been easier thanks to the innovative, powerful technology powered by Floored.

31 Booth Street is a sleek office space in the heart of Manchester’s city centre with easy access to transportation links and fantastic coffee shops, bars and restaurants. With Floored, an immersive office design technology, you can forget worrying about how to set up the space and look forward to enjoying your premier location.

Since 2012, Floored has been delivering immediate 2D and 3D office design plans for companies around the globe. Simply upload a floorplan of the space, and Floored will render a digital model within seconds. Think a meeting room would be better in another location? Drop and drag it to where you want it, and Floored will alter the plans to suit.

31 Booth Street is the only site in Manchester to have this ground-breaking technology. Interactive 3D tours provide a video-game like experience of your new space, with the ability to digitally tour your design.

Using Floored is a seamless, web-based experience that doesn’t require any additional technology to see your designs. A lite version is available for use on mobile devices.

With 21,000 sq. ft of exceptional office space, 31 Booth Street also features a stunning rooftop terrace with views of Manchester city centre. The grade-II listed property offers excellent on-site amenities including showers, lockers and cycle storage.

Helical Plc recently remodelled the building to stunning fashion, while maintaining many original features that gives the property a unique vibe. Floored will take out the guess work of how to best design the workspace, ensuring the space is set up in the most efficient manner possible.

Once you’re set up within the property, award-winning management company Ashdown Phillips will be there to guarantee your work days in the building are hassle-free. For more information about this magnificent space, download the brochure here.

Floored is part of CBRE Group, Inc., the world’s premier commercial real estate investment firm.