North West Insider, the celebrated business and property magazine, brought their latest 42 Under 42 event to 31 Dale Street last week.

The event, “Overcoming Barriers to Growth,” featured four speakers, all in the celebrated 42 Under 42 club to discuss what challenges local businesses face in the industry as it stands today. Holly Moore from Make Events, James Hitchen from East Coast Concepts Ltd, Matt Middall from BGF and Jason Iftakhar from Swifty Scooters Ltd each took turns divulging their secrets to success.

After inspiring stories about perseverance, networking and ingenuity, they participated in a chat-show style panel with Insider editor Simon Keegan serving as moderator.

Ms Moore was emphatic in her belief of bringing people together in “the real world” – out of the digital pitfalls by which many find themselves entrapped. She also highlighted her insistance on being nice, compassionate and caring in the workforce, followed with personal anecdotes about how that led her to success.

Mr Hitchen, who has brought celebrated restaurants such as Neighbourhood to Manchester, discussed his desire to bring a new flair to the city, but in a way from which he could ultimately profit. He started in the workforce in an Aldi graduate scheme, and quickly worked his way up to a management position. He decided to brand out and work for himself, relying on American inspiration for the food and atmosphere he wanted to replicate in the North West.

Mr Widdall, an investor for BGF, discussed how his work ethic brought him through university, into the workforce, and finally to his current position. He was emphatic about the pride BGF takes in being able to support smaller businesses.

A concept born out of frustration from trying to navigate crowded London streets, Jason Iftakhar and his wife set out to design a manageable way to commute to their jobs. Little did they know, that idea would spawn an international business. Mr Iftakhar talked about how Swifty Scooters is where it is today because of their openness to the international market and willingness to grow rapidly.

Event attendees posed their questions about the industry and how to work through barriers, with sincere answers from the invited 24 Under 42ers.

Insider concluded the event with a networking hour. More coverage will be found in their July issue.